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Company profile

Weifang chang tai new energy engineering co., LTD2004Founded in the beautiful international kite—“Weifang”,Is the collection production and sales integration of research and development independently“Diversified enterprise”。Independent legal personality。Company plant covers an area of the factory20000Square meters,Into production workshop6000Square meters,Hundreds of sets of producing equipment、Strong。Chang tai new energy as emerging industry of tableware market pioneer,The pilot of one-time disinfection tableware industry,Lead the health food industry for the future development of course。Ambassador Chen Hanbai dedecates road road to brands:Tableware revolution is imperative,So it is urgent to safeguard health!2012In weifang in small and medium-sized enterprises“A enterprise technology”Research and development center of the public list on the list,Declare success……

Product center

Ten generations, my company's products,The present market,, director of the ravine of the disposable tableware,Glittering and translucent get rid of、Beautifully finished、Clean sanitation、Comfortable feel;Chrysanthemum patterns、The Chinese zodiac、Ferro ShouXi、In extremely good fortune and so on。A variety of products,Let a person fondle admiringly。

Kang Wei one-time large crystal tableware new product

Kang Wei one-time large crystal tableware new product

Kang Wei disposable crystal tableware,According to different regions and the demand of customer,Developed super national standard of the super rich products……

Kang Wei“The peaceful country and safe people”Series product launches

Kang Wei“The peaceful country and safe people”Series product launches

Kang Wei2018In the new product“The peaceful country and safe people”Series of new features,We have a big dream,Cathay people。We have one……

Kang Wei disposable tableware2017Chicken auspicious year product

Kang Wei disposable tableware2017In product auspicious, such as chicken

2017It was the year of the rooster,“Chicken”Harmonics“Ji”。Those Kang Wei disposable tableware was introduced“Chicken”Good fortune as one wishes series products。……

Kang Wei a tableware color product display

Kang Wei a tableware color product display

Kang Wei disposable tableware color crystal product display Kang Wei disposable tableware color crystal product display ……

Kang Wei disposable tableware blooming flowers

Kang Wei disposable tableware blooming flowers

Blooming flowers are in the company2016Years of a product launch,Is the elegant peony in Chinese traditional culture……

Disposable tableware blessing ShouXi Kang Wei

Disposable tableware blessing ShouXi Kang Wei

Blessing is ShouXi Kang Wei2016Years of new product launch。In Chinese traditional culture in ferro ShouXi for design。Once the product……

Product advantage

Kang Wei is one-time aviation crystal tableware, Six product features, Reduce the investment risk Highlight a competitive advantage. Diversified marketing,Help you successfully open up an outlet。

Sanitation clean

The product high transparency,Determine the quality of the products can be directly to the naked eye observation、Presence of secondary use,Clean and visible。

One-time use

Effectively prevent cross infection caused by repeated use of tableware,To prevent the illness。

Non-toxic antibacterial

USES the food gradePSMaterials,Through the sterileQSWorkshop production,Acid and alkali resistance,Resistance to high temperature,Sterile antibacterial。

According to the national standard production

Execution of national standardGBaa000006,000000-00-0-0-0-02009Standard production,Meet the national food quality and safety。

Fast moving consumer goods

Has the consumption cycle is short,Supplement consumption,Shorter product life cycle,The characteristics of huge market。


Tableware recycling of used,Can be used for industrial raw materials,Increased the two-way income,Waste,Fully staffed。

Market analysis

Believe that you go to a restaurant,Are used with a plastic film sealing packing of tableware disinfection。But,Such tableware health really?When having a meal at the restaurant,Keep on the production date,The manufacturer,Shelf life?The first step in opening tableware will do?Is it a rinse rinse with hot water first?Have you ever thought of your hand what the disinfection tableware are experienced?【Call waiting period of video】http://sdyici……

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Profit analysis

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In both restaurant and hotel,Or family,Can be seen everywhere the form of disposable tableware!Disposable tableware looks and humble,However,There are in China13Million people,Annual disposable tableware consumer demand is huge,Profit very amazing Kang Wei person disposable crystal tableware approximately can be divided into three broad categories,Thirty-two profit point。A:Income distribution market??Weifang a medium-sized city three lines;The city alone nearly2000Hotels in the hotel;You only need to develop1%(100Hotels in the hotel need to develop1The proportion of home);Is the development30A small hotel in the home,Four people in a small restaurant at noon/Table20Table,Combined with at noon80Sets;In the evening Table for four 30Table,In total120Sets;The dosage of the day is200Sets……Tableware profits:Make the difference0.2Yuan/Sets + Manufacturer of old material recycling Return0.000000-00-0-0-0-00.25Yuan/Sets??Each set tableware:At least to make money0.4Yuan??Daily earningsaa00-00-0-0-0-00000000-00-0-0-0-0000000-00-0-0-0-0000000-00-0-0-0-0000000-00-0-0-0-00.4Yuan/Sets× 200Set of tableware× 20Hotels=160……

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Method of cooperation

The shandong weifang prosperous Thai new energy engineering co., LTD. Belongs to independent research and development production of disposable crystal tableware co., LTD,Dealers area and facing the whole country,Without any form of league,The agency fee and regional deposit,Looking for is willing to work with your company“Growing together、A total of development”The pool,Build long-term and stable production、Pin,Achieve the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win results。With the aid of joint in the local market network(Days、The right place、And),I produce your sales of production and marketing mode,To make“Kang Wei”Brand covers the market quickly,To reduce the comprehensive cost of the enterprise,Let the cooperation to gain greater profit space。Company image spokesperson famous comedian Chen Hanbai famous comedian Chen Hanbai dedecates road:Tableware revolution is imperative,So it is urgent to safeguard health!◎Advertising:Companies in the print media、Network marketing etc、Product promotion,Provide brochures for pool、Posters、Television publicity discs、Packing material layout design and printing and other support……

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Policy support

Company to reach cooperation of dealers to give policy support to the below

1.To achieve cooperation,Can apply for to the dealer for visiting the trip
2.To provide50000000-00-0-0-0-030000Set of Numbers ranging from previous shop goods products
3.Kang Wei brand free use of the right to the use and star spokesperson Chen Hanbai teacher portrait rights
4.Provide marketing solutions,With a professional marketing manager for the whole market guidance
5.Free packaging layout design, and provide recycling service
6.Provide product all kinds of qualification certificates to provide some advertising support including brochures,Publicity discs,Posters,Roll up display rack, etc
More policy support can call000000008009114Contact customer service in detail。

Event announcements

Kang Wei"The peaceful country and safe people"Spring merchants exchange fair officially launched

Activity during every successful cooperation customers to factory inspection,Can enjoy preferential policies manufacturers provide 20 big,Manufacturers to provide product shop goods products free of charge1200All set thank customers visit cooperation,A limited number,Pleasantly surprised unceasingly,First come first served basis!Activity calls for detailsaa0000-00-0-0-0-080000000-00-0-0-0-09114